Why Content Marketing is the Best Way to deliver Ecommerce Sales Targets

Content marketing for ecommerce.

Wondering what content marketing is? So as not to break into marketing jargon, we’ll break this down for you. For content marketing, you must:

  • Step 1: Identify your Target Consumer Group, and ensure it is a well-defined audience; Identify your Goal as well, i.e. what you wish to achieve by marketing to this Target Group (Visits and followers, purchases, shares?);
  • Step 2: Create positive, relevant and value added content. Valuable content is the kind that people would even pay to know, and relevance is where truly knowing your Target Group comes in;
  • Step 3: Using efficient, informative and interactive methods, direct the content created in Step 2 specifically towards the Target Group identified in Step 1;
  • Through Step 1 to 3: Remember that the objective driving you through the previous three steps is a combination of consumer interest and profitable consumer action.    

Reasons why eCommerce companies should care about Content Marketing

With there being talk of ecommerce businesses replacing physical retail space in India and ecommerce businesses mushrooming all around, how do you make sure that your target audience even knows of you?

Content marketing – executed strategically –makes you visible to your Target Group. It enables the search engines to index your valuable data and present it to the audience. It allows you to interact with your target group, answer queries, seek constructive feedback for improvement, build your brand identity, increase sales and much more. Here is a short list, of what all a wise content marketing strategy, executed well,  can give to your business:

Reason 1: SEO & Content Marketing: The Moguls

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Google is the key to lighting the path to most ecommerce websites, and Great and valuable Content is key to SEO.

For your business to show up on Google above your competition, Google has to crawl through the content you have made available on your merchandise and brand online.

Reason 2: Content Marketing for community building:

Reaching to your target group is one side of the coin while retaining them, engaging them and creating a loyal customer is other side. In an eCommerce platform where businesses face a new entry almost everyday, it is important that your customers remain connected to you in spite of tough competitors. A well strategised, problem solving, engaging and valuable content can help you fulfill the purpose.

Reason 3: Content Marketing for a better and easy Social Media Reach:

Images and videos play a vital role in social media success of a business. Great content that gets shared or liked on social media has a huge potential to reach out to new followers. A banner ad on social pages coupled with regular updates on fresh arrival, tips and tricks can help businesses to engage more potential than ever before.


Reason 4: Content Marketing towards Top of mind awareness:

With the increasing competition in every product/service field in eCommerce, it is vital that you remain on top of mind of your TG. The more regular content updates reach to your potential consumers, the higher is the probability that your brand ticks their mind the next time they make purchase.

Reason 5: Content Marketing- A sales Tool:

Content marketing can be a fantastic lead generator and a selling tool, if planned and executed properly. After all revenues are what that keep you in the business.

How Important is your content, when and where to share

Content is the backbone of your marketing, so it’s absolutely critical. The content you create; it could be infographs, blog posts, videos, newsletters, guest post campaigns; is what creates awareness of your product and your brand. Your content can include details such as why you are selling, where it is sourced from (i.e. for responsibly sourced materials), what your brand motto and your mission statement is, how your merchandise is distinct from your competition.

If you have detailed content with ample keywords, you’ll come right on top! Here’s how you can merge SEO and content marketing:

  • Create original, quality and evergreen content. The more original your content, the more likely it is that you will get your target audience to check you out and linger on your website a bit longer.
  • Create title tags after due research. Ensure that they are well suited to the medium of marketing you intend to use. For instance, for newsletters and keywords, longer title tags are better. For social sharing on Twitter and Instagram, shorter titles are better as they are easier to re-tweet and share without editing.    
  • Use Image heavy content for blog posts. Photos on how creatively or uniquely your product can be used.
  • For keyword creation (these are the keywords that consumers enter while searching for products), conduct research. Use tools such as these for the most efficient way to merge SEO and content marketing.  
  • For your FAQs, draft creative responses. Include words you would not ordinarily include in the product descriptions etc. Pop up more on search engines and garner more views, and more conversions.
  • Look around and see what is trending on social media. Are there any queries that your merchandise may address, or is there a trend that your merchandise would fit right into? Create content bridging the gap between these trends and your merchandise, so whatever is trending will start pointing towards your brand.

Once created, it is shared on multiple platforms such as blogs, digital publications, social media sites, search engines submission sites etc. Identify what format of content goes well on what platform. Decide the number of content pieces to be shared on each digital space. To do all this efficiently, create a ‘Content Calendar’.

Create a Content Calendar. Now when the mediums to distribute the content is identified,– schedule, publish, promote, track and tweet the content. Try and make your content calendar visual and engaging for your marketing team. Align milestones with the schedule, let your team enjoy reaching those milestones.  

Use analytical tools such as Quick Sprout and Socialcrawlytics to analyze and assess what content is doing well, how well your competitor’s content is doing etc. And then improve your content.

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How to Keep Your Audience Tethered

The content you create must address the requirements as well as the whims of your target consumer group. Here’s what you should do.

Blogs, Facebook ads, display advertising, ratings and reviews from other consumers influence the consumer’s pre-purchase cycle. Post-purchase content is a great way to re-engage consumers. Send them personalized emails asking them about their experience with the product, and be sure to incentivize reviews; ensure that your emails are not impersonal, unbranded and simply transactional.

Be positive, splash your brand over the email (strategically, do not over do it), use colorful and aspirational imagery; include promotions and discounts for other products.

Encourage cross-selling by showing the consumer something that they may want to buy based on their previous purchase, for instance, if someone has bought a coat or jacket, show them a few of the latest scarves or mufflers you have available.

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                                             Image Source: Googleusercontent

Content marketing is not simply about advertising and selling your products, as much as it is about selling a lifestyle and promoting your brand of eCommerce as the rainmaker of that lifestyle.

As a medium for enhancing your ecommerce business, you cannot compare it to banner ads etc, as the latter may increase your sales when the consumer sees the banner ad, but the former will cement your brand in the consumer’s psyche. Hence, content marketing is the long term ally that your online business needs to succeed.

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