Suffering shopping cart abandonment: Tips for drafting the perfect abandoned cart email

perfect abandoned cart email

Picked, but not purchased’, well it is a common scenario for a merchant that the buyers leave their purchase process in midway. This scenario is even more prominent with online stores. However, online merchants have an option to avail several opportunities to win their customers back. There are several ways through which they could nurture leads and encourage buyers to complete their transaction.The best way to recover abandoned shopping carts is to discover the reasons for which your customers abandoned their carts in the first place and their shopping pattern. The graph below shows is a chart showing the trend in shopping cart abandonment over the past few years till 2014.

Suffering Shopping cart abandonments

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According to report, the average rate of cart abandonment in 2015 is 68%. That means two-thirds of the time online shoppers add to their basket only to leave the items there. According to a reasearch by in 2014, Retailers lose $18 billion annually due to Shopping Cart Abandonment and Abandoners spend 55% more when remarketed. Therefore, cart abandonment is a serious issue and needs to be tackled down.

There could be several reasons for such a behaviour on the part of the consumer. Some of the most common reasons are given in the pictorial below.

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According to, 28% of shoppers abandoned their shopping cart due to unexpected shipping costs while creating a new account, being a time taking process, results to 23% of cart abandonment.

While you open your webstore, it is essential to understand the tools via which you can convert your potential into sales. One such tool is cart abandonment email. These emails could help online sellers to tackle this issue of losing customers and should be invested upon by online sellers. Few eCommerce solution providers make this even simpler as they provide number of templates to their clients, which can further be customised including auto generated coupon codes.

Also here are some vertical specific statistics - 

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Tackle cart abandonment via automated emails:

Suggested below are few tips through which online merchants could use cart abandonment emails to maximize their returns.

A direct message

Avoid using fancy lines for your cart abandonment emails. Be direct in your approach and surprise your consumer, with a gentle reminder. Try keeping it fun and engaging and more customer centric. For example, Ralph Lauren sends an email with a message so that the lost customers are tempted to complete their incomplete transaction/order.

ralph_lauren_cart email marketing

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Remind them of what they have left behind 

Be specific with your email. Include the product description along with the image, as people respond quickly to images when compared to the text only. Also do not forget to add the price, color and size of product they have selected.

flipkart shopping-cart-abnadonment-email example

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Nick of time discount offers

Consumers are price sensitive, therefore, push them with a last minute exclusive promotion or offer so that they are tempted to complete their purchase. For example, Pepperfry offers around 20% discount on the abandoned products to motivate the buyer in purchasing the products that have already been added to the cart.


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Suggestion for related products

One cannot really predict the true nature of consumer. There are some consumers that sometimes might not even need the products that they have added to their cart. They might be looking for some other variants of the same product with some divergent features and pricing.These consumers too still are prospective clients, send them recommended links to some other related items that they could purchase.

kate spade cart cross sell

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Inventive innovative call to action

The sole purpose of cart abandonment mail is to generate sale by putting the customer to complete the transaction which he left midway. Therefore, it is necessary to instill an unique call to action like, Claim my item, Complete my order, Continue shopping, etc. Ensure your CTA is prominent and super clickable.

Let us take the example of The colours have been used quite strategically and the main call to action is used in a different font compared to other which makes it impossible for customers to miss out them.


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Time-based triggers

Each consumer varies from other. Sometimes a gentle reminder is enough to push a sale but sometimes several reminders are not enough. Timely triggered emails are therefore important as they keep on reminding consumers reminding on a timely basis. For example, take a look at this crazyegg email.

crazyegg-shopping cart-triggered-example-large

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Highlight positive customer review in follow-up mail

Highlight positive customer review in follow-up mail: Try adding on social proof of customer reviews that your other customer has experienced by adding the with the products that have been added to the cart by the customer already. It aids to enhance your overall reputation.

example lenskart shopping-cart-abnadonment-email

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Revamp your return policy

Shoppers are left with confusion on the return policy of products. Clear it out with a perfectly generated email, so that the customers gets clarity of mind and can go forward with buying the products with clarity.


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Cart abandonment emails have become important especially in this era in this cut-throat era of competition. They enable you to be in constant touch with your customers and keeps them reminding about your presence. They not only aid to generate more sales but also helps in retargeting by keeping a constant tab on customers behaviour. It’s high time to automate your cart abandonment emails.


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