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  • perfect abandoned cart email

    Suffering shopping cart abandonment: Tips for drafting the perfect abandoned cart email

    Picked, but not purchased’, well it is a common scenario for a merchant that the buyers leave their purchase process in midway. This scenario is even more prominent with online stores. However, online merchants have an option to avail several opportunities to win their customers back. There are several ways through which they could nurture […]

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    Sourcing challenges for online sellers

    How To Address The Sourcing Challenges For Your Online Store?

    The journey from creating an online store to actually running your own online business involves several major steps and decisions and one of them is finding reliable suppliers of your products. Sourcing is not an easy job and it offers several challenges to online sellers. Discussed below are some challenges that might arise in the […]

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    e-commerce logistics in India

    How Online Sellers Can Manage All Their e-Commerce Logistics

    The Internet is the future marketplace, as online retail in India is growing at an exponential pace. It is estimated that online retail will be an $18-billion industry in India in 2018 and e-commerce logistics will be a $2-billion industry in 2019. The logistic number is expected to grow even more as the online retail […]

  • Marketplace

    Six Things Marketplace Sellers Can Fix Right Away

    1. Align with the Marketplaces All the major eCommerce marketplaces heavily market their respective sale seasons, it might help to participate in such events. Additionally besides the big sale days, these portals also have special deals daily. In order to maximise the discoverability of your products you can become a part of the same and […]

  • e-commerce logistics in india

    Logistics Management for Non-Metro Sellers

    The Internet is the future marketplace, as online retail in India is growing at an exponential pace. The online retail marketplace is expected to be at $220 billion in the next 10 years. As, e-Commerce grows, most shippers realize too late that they require an efficient distribution network infrastructure. Need for Logistics: Logistics is the […]

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    FIVE Challenges Only Marketplace Sellers Would Know

    Of late, much is being talked about the fierce manner in which the eCommerce marketplaces in India are competing with each other. Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and so on are fighting for users, investment, team and vendors to sell their inventory on their respective platforms. On one hand, while these companies have presented a […]