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    COD still the most Preferred Mode of Payment in India: Reports

    Ever since the evolution of e-commerce one of the biggest concern for the consumer has been the payment transaction method. Through time several standardized methods of making payments have developed online such as electronic wallets, software wallets, smart  cards,  credit cards, debit cards, net banking and more. However, it comes as a no surprise that […]

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    Best Selling Products in India for an Online Business

    Statista reports suggest that in 2019, there would be close to 240 million people in India, who are expected to buy goods and services online. If you are a new entrant to the online market this fact is enough to amplify your motive. Online quick fix has brought in a new era of possibility and […]

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    Flipkart, leading the Ecommerce race in India

    Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce portal has again been successful in inclining greater number of customers on its side. This assertion is based on the survey of the RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI) which is based on 6000 delivery instances and has indulged 3,000 online shoppers from 30 cities, tracking prices of more than 600 mobile […]

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    How E-commerce has Revolutionized Daily Life

    In recent years, a platform that has completely transformed our buying experience is definitely ‘Ecommerce’. Through e-commerce, almost everything is possible now. From buying clothes to searching residential houses everything has been narrowed down to  the leisure of home. The graph below outlines the India digital buyer forecast in details in accordance to each year. […]

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    The Ecommerce Potential In Indian Tier II & III Cities

    It was a gloomy day in Madikeri, Coorg district, about 270 kilometers from Bangalore. The narrow winding roads across coffee plantations are ubiquitous to this place as the clouds are to the sky. Ramesh, a 27 year old junior farmer is looking forward to next week to celebrate his mother’s birthday. But before the day […]

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    Online sellers to be 10 million by 2020

    E-commerce to enthrall 10 million online sellers by 2020

    The e-Commerce industry in India has been on boost by the rise in internet penetration due to major enhancements in the telecom infrastructure. With 3G and 4G services making way into India along with declining data tariffs, spend on internet data is growing significantly. While India ranks the lowest in Asia when it comes to […]

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    Fashion e-Commerce In India: The Present And The Future

    According to Assocham-Forrester study paper, the current estimated revenue of Indian ecommerce, as of 2016, is about USD 38 Billion and is projected to hit USD 120 Billion by the year 2020. This means an annual growth rate of about a staggering 51%. Among all the goods sold via ecommerce, branded apparels, accessories, jewelry, and […]

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    India’s e-Commerce is anticipated to escalate to INR 2.1 lakh crore by Dec 2016 : Report

    India’s Ecommerce market is turning into a growth spurt. As per the reports of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB, the digital market is expected to monitor a twofold increase by touching Rs. 211,005 crore by December 2016, encountering 68% growth. The report further divulged that the ecommerce market has grown at […]

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    Online Shopping Woos 80% Indian Shoppers : Study

    With the increase in number of mobile users virtual world is giving a run to the retailing shops and stores in the real world. The tsunami of offers and discounts from various e-commerce portals has lured many of the Indian shoppers. Just a decade before online shopping was considered taboo in India and people considered […]