A Solid Product is all you need to be successful in Ecommerce Business, says, Ruchika Jain, Beebayonline

Ruchika Jain- beebay

A niche targetted business can touch skies if you are assured of your product quality. This is the Mantra of Beebay, they don’t confine themselves to the domestic customers but in a partnership with Purplestores for almost 4 years, they have gained a foot in the international market as well and the loyalties of customers across boundaries remain the same. Here is a detailed discussion with Ruchika Jain, Global marketing executive, Beebay , sharing the Journey of Beebayonline.com and road ahead

OnlinesellerTips: Tell us about your business and how it all started? What inspired you to go online?

Ruchika: We have been into the garments business for over 50 years now and we have been garment exporters for big brands like H&M, GAP. Since we already have acquired the expertise in manufacturing, about 7 years ago we decided to launch our own brand name in the market, and Beebay was formed, targeted towards 0 to 12 years kids wear.

We started with two flagship stores. As we have always worked for international companies and wanted to reach out to our international customer base. As a result, within a year we began our e-commerce operations via Beebayonline.com.

Both domestic and international markets received our brand incredibly well. People were willing to wait for weeks to get goods delivered. So that inspired us to go full fledged online with various domestic and international online partners.

And now we have registered offices in Europe and the US. Right now I can easily say that our domestic and international growth is going hand in hand, and customers have responded very well to our e-commerce platform.

OnlineSellerTips: What is your take on the current Indian e-commerce market? With the new GST bill, what impact you see on businesses?

Ruchika:I have seen Indian Ecommerce grow since we started Beebay and we were one of first few brands who went online. I have seen the market evolve, but I think it still is sorting itself out. Currently, the competition and emphasis are on the size of the customer base, than a profitable business model.

I believe that to some extent profitability is coming into play, however, the market is still discount-driven to lure customers. The market will correct itself, eventually leaving a big player who is profitable.

Now the market is shifting from customer grabbing to profitability. Large customer base dictates the quality of vendors in e-commerce, that is what we are seeing right now. Every big marketplace wants to weed out low-quality sellers. These sellers eventually bring down the reputation of the marketplace.

GST is going to make e-commerce transactions much simpler for everyone involved in the ecosystem. Especially, managing taxation for all states will become much easier.

OnlineSellerTips: What are your future plans for next 5 years?

Ruchika: We are revamping the whole website and soon become an app based platform. We are working on adding new product lines and increasing SKU within the kid’s category so that we have a much broader product base. We know our market and we have tested it over the years, and we have earned good international and domestic presence. We will cash-in on it and try and sell more products through our online channel.


OnlineSellerTips: What are your strategies to deal with the competition in your niche?

Ruchika: We are adding more product lines within kids category. We have a very loyal customer base because of our good quality and delivery record. Since we are an international brand we follow international norms.

We don’t have issues such as loose threads, loose button or color bleed, as we have full control on quality. This stringent quality to match international standards has helped us sustain and shine. Every year  many new brands in this category come up but they are not able to sustain because their fundamentals are not strong and that’s where beebay has an edge. Our basics are right and we ensure tight control on our processes and quality.

OnlineSellerTips: What piece of advice you want to share with the entrepreneurs who want to tap into the e-commerce world of businesses?

Ruchika: To be successful in the eCommerce world, one should have a solid product and should capitalize on the opportunities available. Make sure your product and delivery are absolutely in line.

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