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PurpleStores is a DIY eCommerce platform designed specifically for the Indian Merchants. It allows them to run their own eCommerce platform with ease even while selling on multiple channels. Apart from on demand technical support, it allows gives an access to services like catalog development, logistics support and internet marketing. To try out Purple Stores for your business for free. http://purplestores.in/

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    Remarkable advice on how Remarketing can help you increase sales

    What is remarketing? A hungry potential customer check out a new home cooked food delivery website. On surfing, through the delicious menu the customer, who is also a college student finds the prices a tad too expensive. He decides to eat at a local restaurant and resumes back to surfing Facebook. A new sponsored ad […]

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    Ruchika Jain- beebay

    A Solid Product is all you need to be successful in Ecommerce Business, says, Ruchika Jain, Beebayonline

    A niche targetted business can touch skies if you are assured of your product quality. This is the Mantra of Beebay, they don’t confine themselves to the domestic customers but in a partnership with Purplestores for almost 4 years, they have gained a foot in the international market as well and the loyalties of customers […]

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  • GST in ecommerce india

    [INFOGRAPH] Why is GST a Boon to Ecommerce in India?

    With the increasing number of transactions in goods and services, the e-commerce sector in India has ben generating a lot of tax income, primarily via indirect taxes. Taxes should increase the revenue as well as help growing businesses.The proposed Goods And Services Tax [GST] is to replace the complicated indirect taxes.

  • UrDoorstep_Dinesh

    UrDoorStep is built for Profitability and aims to capture $400 billion Indian essential Ecommerce Market

    In this post, we present you with the excerpts of a detailed discussion with the Founder Director & CEO of UrDoorstep, Dinesh Malpani. UrDoorstep is a one-of-a-kind online platform which caters to people’s essential needs. When we say essentials, we mean groceries, crockeries, socks, pajamas, night gowns etc. UrDoorstep strongly believes that people are reluctant […]

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    The good, The bad and The ugly: What all is Flipkart making news on?

    There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil…Ayn Rand, socialist. This quote seems completely apt for Flipkart at this moment. There is an always a hidden drawback of being the best, your every success is expected and even the smallest of […]

  • OnlineSellerTips_Convince VC

    What convinces VCs to invest in your ecommerce startup

    It is a fascinating phase when budding entrepreneurs get a thorough epiphany about a business idea or a project. We spend hours and days, plotting, ideating and expanding our business concept (by now it is still in the embryonic stage). Post this, we conduct research online to scour existing competition. Then we gather people whom […]

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    10 Step Guide: How To Start Apparel Online Business

    10 Step Guide: How To Start Apparel Online Business

    Apparel and accessories have become the fastest-growing  consumer product categories in the world. Thanks to booming e-commerce, which is allowing businesses of any size to penetrate into locations where retailers and wholesalers couldn’t and has created an entirely new platform for businesses to tap into. Venturing your business into E-COMMERCE may seem intimidating at first,however […]

  • Tech firms are aiding reatail brands with a helping hand online

    To what degree the Tech firms are Aiding Retail Brands with a helping hand Online

    By 2016 a number of 653 million people in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to buy goods and services online, a figure which translates into over 48 percent of internet users in the Asia Pacific region purchasing products or services online.  According to recent data, the number of digital buyers in India alone is expected […]