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    10 Step Guide: How To Start Apparel Online Business

    10 Step Guide: How To Start Apparel Online Business

    Apparel and accessories have become the fastest-growing  consumer product categories in the world. Thanks to booming e-commerce, which is allowing businesses of any size to penetrate into locations where retailers and wholesalers couldn’t and has created an entirely new platform for businesses to tap into. Venturing your business into E-COMMERCE may seem intimidating at first,however […]

  • How to turn your ecommerce store into a BRAND to be the best

    How to turn your ecommerce store into a BRAND to be the best

    Two words that can set your business apart from other alike businesses, bring immediate recall value to your merchandise and have consumers search you out from a haystack of other sellers – ‘Brand Identity’. Brand identity is a coming together of many aspects, such as the name of your business, colors and font it uses […]

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    The best ways you can Convert Customer Complaints into Opportunities

    Every company, big or small, faces negative word of mouth recommendations. But it is important to deal with the problem before it leads to devastating results. And hence, customer complaints need to be addressed as soon as possible. In fact these customers are your real heroes. “A customer talking about their experience with you is […]

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    Adjusted Behaviour Of Online Buyers And Sellers, Courtesy, Government’s Ban On Discount

    On April 1, the Government ‘s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) banned discounts by online marketplaces. By this rule, Online platforms could no longer use cash to subsidize products or offer any deep discounts. Even if any discount would be allowed it would be completely at the discretion of the manufacturer. To simplify […]

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    COD still the most Preferred Mode of Payment in India: Reports

    Ever since the evolution of e-commerce one of the biggest concern for the consumer has been the payment transaction method. Through time several standardized methods of making payments have developed online such as electronic wallets, software wallets, smart  cards,  credit cards, debit cards, net banking and more. However, it comes as a no surprise that […]

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    Cataloging hacks for Your Ecommerce Site

    What is Cataloging and Why is it Necessary Through the ages, the way people shop for products has changed with numerous iterations of technology, especially the web. The internet has made consumption of information, products, and services, absolutely democratic by giving people the power to access them from any device or location, that too at […]

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    Best Selling Products in India for an Online Business

    Statista reports suggest that in 2019, there would be close to 240 million people in India, who are expected to buy goods and services online. If you are a new entrant to the online market this fact is enough to amplify your motive. Online quick fix has brought in a new era of possibility and […]

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    Flipkart, leading the Ecommerce race in India

    Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce portal has again been successful in inclining greater number of customers on its side. This assertion is based on the survey of the RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI) which is based on 6000 delivery instances and has indulged 3,000 online shoppers from 30 cities, tracking prices of more than 600 mobile […]

  • 7 FREE brilliant marketing tools each small web store owners must know

    7 brilliant FREE Marketing tools each Small Web Store Owners must know

    Every merchant today wants to own an online store or a web store, and the requisite tools to market their merchandise. But don’t these tools cost time, money and effort? Well, we bring you 7 FREE tools that increase your revenue with zilch monetary investment! Without much ado, let’s look at all seven tools. 1. […]